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Salvaged equipment / Construction equipment dismantled machines list
We have dismantled a lot of construction equipment over the last years.  We offer salvaged equipment from every major manufacturer like Cat, Komatsu, John Deere, Hitachi, Case, Kobelco, Volvo..  
Most of the machines salvaged are excavators, but we also have wheel loaders, bulldozers, articulated dump trucks and forestry equipment (forwarders, delimbers and feller bunchers).

Every construction equipment listed below is being salvaged for parts.  You can ask for any component you need: Excavator booms and sticks, excavator hydraulic cylinders, cabs, computers, main control valves, hydraulic pumps, swing drives, swing motors, final drive and propel motors and so on..

Caterpillar 390D  Timberking TK721  Komatsu D51EX-22 
Kobelco SK200LC MK IV  Volvo L150C  Caterpillar 325B 
Case 335  Komatsu PC750LC-7  Komatsu PC270LC-7 
Caterpillar 345D  Komatsu PC240LC-10  Caterpillar 325DL 
Hitachi ZX350LC-3  Liebherr 944  Volvo A40D 
Caterpillar 735  Volvo A35D  Caterpillar D300D 
John Deere 772CH  Komatsu PC600LC-7  Komatsu PC300LC-6 
Doosan DX350LC  Link-Belt 330LX  Case 9030B 
Caterpillar 320C  John Deere 200C  John Deere 80 
Komatsu WA320-3  Komatsu PC270LC-6  Komatsu PC270LC-8 
Komatsu WA430-6  Hyundai 210-3  Volvo 460B 
Cat 315L  Komatsu WA380-6  John Deere 350D 
Hitachi ZX450LC-3  Komatsu PC400LC-7  Komatsu PC300HD-8 
Caterpillar 325C  Komatsu PC300LC-7E0  Komatsu PC138USLC-2E0 
Komatsu PC200LC-8  Caterpillar 320C  John Deere 200CLC 
Tigercat 855H  Caterpillar 345B  Komatsu WA500-6 
Komatsu D39EX-21  Hyundai 250LC-7  Volvo A35 
Volvo EC160B  Caterpillar 365C  Caterpillar 330D 
John Deere 450D  Link-Belt 225 MSR  Komatsu PC200LC-6 
John Deere 1710  Caterpillar D6R XL  Komatsu PC200LC-7 
Case 621BXT  Komatsu WA250PTL-5  Caterpillar 330L 
Tigercat 853E  Direct H257  Caterpillar 962H 
Valmet 890.2  Caterpillar 311CU  Komatsu PC228USLC-3 
Komatsu PC600LC-6  Komatsu WA380-3  Timberking TK721 
Volvo L330C  Kobelco SK350-8  Caterpillar 330D 
Caterpillar 330DL  John Deere 330C  Caterpillar 307C 
John Deere 644D  John Deere 400D  Samsung 290LC-3 
Komatsu PC290LC-10  John Deere 748GII  Komatsu D61PX-15E0 
Komatsu WA500-6  Caterpillar 330LL  John Deere 853M 
Komatsu WA320-6  John Deere 850K LGP  Caterpillar 312CL 
Caterpillar 988G  Tigercat 1065  Caterpillar 324D 
Volvo EC290BLC  Valmet 890.1  Caterpillar 315CL 
John Deere 210G  Caterpillar 345DL  Caterpillar 345D 
Caterpillar 345D  Caterpillar 345C  Caterpillar 345C 
Caterpillar 345CL  Volvo EC290BLC  Hitachi EX400LC-3 
John Deere 350D  Tigercat 860  Volvo EC360B 
Caterpillar 330L  Komatsu D37PX-21A  Komatsu PC200LC-7L 
John Deere 225C  Caterpillar 345C  Komatsu PC300LC-7E0 
Caterpillar 385BL  Caterpillar 365BL  Caterpillar 365B 
John Deere 550LC  John Deere 160C  John Deere 753G 
Caterpillar 325B  John Deere 992ELC  Caterpillar 325DL 
Caterpillar 966G  Komatsu WA500-3  John Deere 410D 
Case CX210  Komatsu WA380-5L  Kobelco SK480LC-6E 
Hitachi EX230LC-5  Caterpillar 345DL  Caterpillar 345DL 
Hitachi EX220LC-3  John Deere 2554  Caterpillar 924F 
John Deere 200C  Timberjack 628  Caterpillar IT28G 
Volvo EC460C  Caterpillar 330C  John Deere 135C 
Caterpillar 318CL  Timberjack 608S  Logset 8F 
Case 9050B  Komatsu PC200LC-3  Komatsu PC138USLC-10 
Komatsu D39PX-21A  Caterpillar 322L  Komatsu PC490LC-10 
Komatsu PC490LC-10  Caterpillar 345BL II  Caterpillar 330BL 
Komatsu PC600LC-8  Caterpillar 324DL  John Deere 892E 
John Deere 790E  Caterpillar 330D  Komatsu PC200LC-7L 
John Deere 230CLC  Link-Belt 330LX  Komatsu WA250-3PT 
Komatsu PC240LC-10  Komatsu PC400LC-7E0  Komatsu PC400LC-7E0 
Caterpillar 330C  Caterpillar 330CL  John Deere 450D LC 
John Deere 450D LC  Volvo EC360CL  Komatsu PC160LC-7K 
Kobelco SK115SRDZ-1E  Caterpillar 938G II  Caterpillar 938H 
John Deere 270DLC  John Deere 200D LC  Volvo L110E 
Komatsu PC220LC-8  Valmet 860  Komatsu XT430-2 
Caterpillar 385CLME  John Deere 444G  Tigercat 853E 
Caterpillar 320B  Caterpillar 584  John Deere 230LC 
John Deere 270LC  John Deere 644E  John Deere 544E 
Caterpillar D250E II  Volvo A25C  Caterpillar 336DL 
Komatsu PC400LC-7E0  Komatsu PC400LC-7E0  John Deere 350D 
John Deere 350D  Komatsu PC300LC-6  Caterpillar 365C 
Kobelco SK270LC  Kobelco ED150L-1E  Hitachi EX1200-5C 
Komatsu PC200-6LE  Volvo EC330BLC  John Deere 748GII 
John Deere 648GIII  Tigercat H855C  Logset 10F 
Komatsu HM300-1  Link-Belt 330LX  Caterpillar 730 
Volvo EC210BLC  Caterpillar 322C  John Deere 690E 
Komatsu PC120-6  Caterpillar 318CL  Komatsu PC400LC-7E0 
John Deere 225C  Caterpillar 350L  Komatsu PC240LC-10 
Caterpillar 330C  John Deere 330CLC  Komatsu WA320PZ-6 
Caterpillar 385CL  Daewoo DX225  Komatsu PC300LC-7 
Komatsu WA500-3L  John Deere 748GII  John Deere 200C 
John Deere 330C  Volvo EC330C  Komatsu PC400LC-7 
Komatsu PC138USLC-8  John Deere 650D  Caterpillar 345BL 
Bobcat E55 M  Kubota KX71-3  Komatsu PC160LC-7AE0 
John Deere 2054  John Deere 200LC  John Deere 200CLC 
Tigercat 860  Valmet 425EX  Komatsu PC220LC-7 
John Deere 270LC  Caterpillar 330L  Komatsu D39PX-21 
Komatsu PC138USLC-10  Volvo L330E  Caterpillar 924G 
Komatsu WA250PT-3L  Volvo L50D  John Deere 350D 
Caterpillar 350L  Caterpillar 980GII  Komatsu WA380-3MC 
Komatsu PC200LC-7B  Volvo EC380D  Tigercat 630C 
Daewoo Mega 200-V  John Deere 1410D  Komatsu PC300LC-8 
John Deere 903G  Komatsu D65PX-15E0  Hitachi EX60-3 
Caterpillar D6H XL  Komatsu WA450-3L  John Deere 450C 
Caterpillar 345BL  Komatsu PC400LC-8  John Deere 544E 
Komatsu WA420-3L  Komatsu WA250-3L  Komatsu D61EX-15E0 
Komatsu D39PX-21A  Caterpillar D5C LGP III  Caterpillar D4C LGP III 
Volvo EC330BLC  Komatsu WA320-1  John Deere 450LC 
Case 330  Caterpillar 330L  Komatsu WA420-1 
Caterpillar 950G  John Deere 200C  Caterpillar 320C 
Hitachi ZX200LC-3  Komatsu PC300HD-7E0  Caterpillar 320C 
John Deere 240D  Caterpillar 325C  Timberjack 900 
Caterpillar 345CL  Komatsu PC400LC-7E0  Caterpillar 330CL 
Caterpillar 320C  Doosan 220LC-V  Caterpillar 325CL 
Komatsu PC350HD-8  Caterpillar 365BL  John Deere 450C 
Komatsu PC300LC-8  Caterpillar 330C  John Deere 200C 
Komatsu PC220-3  Komatsu PC400LC-7E0  Komatsu PC200LC-6L 
John Deere 350D  Komatsu PC200LC-6  Komatsu PC400LC-7L 
Volvo EC360B  Hitachi ZX350LC-5N  John Deere 240D 
Volvo EC460BLC  Kobelco SK330LC-6E  Prentice 730 
John Deere 800C  Caterpillar 325B  Hitachi EX200LC-5 
Caterpillar 325C FM  Caterpillar 320C FM  Direct FB307 
Komatsu PC220LC-6  John Deere 330CLC  John Deere 330LC 
Valmet 890.3  Doosan DX350LC-3  Komatsu PC200LC-8 
Komatsu PC300LC-3  Caterpillar 330D  Komatsu D38E-1 
Caterpillar 350L  Caterpillar 330DL  Hitachi EX270LC-5 
Hitachi EX300LC-3  Volvo EC330BLC  Komatsu PC350LC-8 
John Deere 330CLC  John Deere 350D  Volvo EC290C 
Hyundai R290LC-3  Kobelco SK330  Caterpillar 325C 
Case 9050B  Caterpillar 349EL  Komatsu PC490LC-10 
Komatsu PC450LC-8  Volvo EC460B  Timberjack 850 
Komatsu PC90  Komatsu PC228USLC-3E0  Hitachi ZX270LC-3 
Caterpillar 345C  John Deere 330LC  Caterpillar 320C LL 
Hitachi ZX350LC-3  Caterpillar 345BL II  John Deere 450D 
Caterpillar 330C  Komatsu PC138USLC-2  Caterpillar D4C serie 3 
Caterpillar 330C  Komatsu PC200-6  Komatsu PC750LC-7 
Komatsu PC600LC-7  Caterpillar 330CL  Komatsu PC400LC-7L 
Link-Belt 135 MSR  Daewoo SOLAR 225LC-V  Komatsu PC300LC-7L 
Caterpillar 345BL  Caterpillar 365C  John Deere 330C 
John Deere 330C  John Deere 653G  Case 9050B 
Caterpillar 325B  Caterpillar 385C LME  Caterpillar 365CL 
Hitachi ZX350LC-3  Caterpillar 330CL  Volvo EC290BLC 
John Deere 160C  Caterpillar D6M XL  Volvo EC460BLC 
Hitachi ZX330LC  Volvo EC360BLC  John Deere 230LC 
Kobelco SK210LC  Komatsu PC250LC-6L  Caterpillar 320C 
Komatsu PC300HD-6  John Deere 748E  Tigercat 860 
John Deere 1410D  Caterpillar 345BL II  Caterpillar 345DL 
Caterpillar 330CL  Komatsu D37EX-21  John Deere 650G LGP IV 
John Deere 600C  Caterpillar 330C  Caterpillar 330C 
Caterpillar 988B  Case CX210  Eltec FH226 
Komatsu PC400LC-7L  Komatsu PC200LC-8  Neuson 242 HV 
Caterpillar 385BL  Caterpillar 345BL II  Hitachi ZX270LC-3 
Kobelco SK220 MARK IV  John Deere 1710D  Timberjack 618 
Timberjack 618F  Valmet 860  Kobelco SK250LC 
Komatsu PC300LC-7E0  John Deere 230LC  John Deere 690E 
John Deere 590D  Case CX330  Komatsu PC300LC-7E0 
Caterpillar 325C  Prentice FB630  Caterpillar 938F 
Valmet 646  John Deere 330C  John Deere 790D 
John Deere 892E  Komatsu PC200LC-3  Caterpillar 345BL II 
Case 9040B  John Deere 200C  John Deere 200D 
Caterpillar 330C  Komatsu WA500-1L  Case CX130 
Caterpillar 345C  John Deere 350DLC  John Deere 450D 
Link-Belt 5800QEX  Komatsu PC600LC-7  Hitachi EX300LC-3C 
Kobelco SK290LC  Caterpillar 330C  Timberking TK721 
Caterpillar 950G II  Wacker Neuson 9503-2  Kobelco SK300LC MK III 
Samsung SE280LC-2  Komatsu PC750LC-7  Komatsu D37PX-21A 
John Deere 790E LC  Case CX210  Caterpillar 330L 
Caterpillar 330C  Logset 10F  Komatsu PC400LC-7E0 
Caterpillar 385BL ME  Caterpillar 345CL  Caterpillar 345BL II 
Komatsu PC400LC-7L  Caterpillar 325DL  Komatsu PC200LC-6L 
John Deere 892D LC  Bobcat 442C  Valmet 425XT 
Timberpro TF820E  Tigercat 870  John Deere 450D 
Komatsu PC200LC-8  Komatsu PC450LC-8  Link-Belt 2650Q 
Caterpillar 325C  Kobelco SK290-6E  Hitachi ZX350LC-3 
John Deere 330C LC  Caterpillar 325CL  Caterpillar 325B 
Komatsu PC750LC-6  Trans-Gesco TG460  Valmet 860.1 
Komatsu PC150-5  John Deere 35C ZTS  John Deere 330LC 
John Deere 892E  Hitachi ZX450LC  Caterpillar 330CL 
Caterpillar 325B  John Deere 200C LC  Caterpillar 350L 
Hitachi EX200-5  Timberjack 608B  Volvo EC240LC 
Kobelco SK220LC MARK IV  Caterpillar 320L  Caterpillar 307SSR 
Samsung SE210LC-3  Valmet 890.2  Daewoo 290LL 
Link-Belt 210LX  Caterpillar 320BL  Caterpillar 320L 
Kobelco 907 Mark II  Volvo A30C  John Deere 450C 
Case CX240  John Deere 992ELC-L  John Deere 644E 
Komatsu PC450LC-6  Caterpillar 330C  Caterpillar 330LL 
Hitachi EX270LC-5  Komatsu WA470-1L  Caterpillar 345BL II 
Komatsu PC400LC-3  Timberking TK711  Volvo L120 
Caterpillar 345BL  John Deere 790E LC  Komatsu PC220LC-6L 
Rottne Rapid 6WD  John Deere 160LC  John Deere 1910E 
Hitachi ZX330LC  Timberjack 618  Caterpillar 330CL 
John Deere 690E  Case 9050B  Caterpillar 365CL ME 
John Deere 600C LC  John Deere 330C  Caterpillar 322BL 
Hitachi EX100-3  Komatsu PC400LC-7  John Deere 450CLC 
Caterpillar 330C  Caterpillar 365BL  Caterpillar 365BL 
Caterpillar 962GII  Caterpillar 950G  Samsung SE210LC-2 
Timbco 425C  Timberjack 1210B  Caterpillar 314C LCR 
Hitachi ZX200LC  Volvo EC210CL  John Deere 1710D 
Timberjack 608B  Timbco 425  Caterpillar 322CL 
Caterpillar 385B  John Deere 330LC  John Deere 693D 
Hitachi EX400LC  Caterpillar 320B FM LL  Kobelco SK135SRLC 
Hitachi EX60-2  Caterpillar 345BL  Hitachi EX400LC-3 
Caterpillar 325C  John Deere 330LC  Kobelco SK400 MK IV 
Timberking TK741  Caterpillar 525  Caterpillar 320B 
Komatsu PC400LC-6LK  Timberjack 850  Komatsu PC300LC-6 
Samsung SE210LC-2  John Deere 690ELC  Caterpillar 325L 
Hitachi EX100-2  Link-Belt 2800Q2  Caterpillar 330L 
Timberjack 608B  John Deere 330CL  Tigercat 845B-853 
Valmet 890.2  Komatsu PC300LC-5  Hitachi EX200LC-5 
Timberjack 1710D  Komatsu S6D140-1  Rottne RAPID SMV 16 
Cylindres Cylindres  Timberjack 1210B  Case 9045B 
John Deere 330C  Case CX135  Case 9030B 
Caterpillar 345CL  Case 9050B  Caterpillar IT28F 
Timbco 425C  Hitachi EX450LC-5  Caterpillar 420E 
John Deere 1410B  John Deere 450LC  Samsung SE210LC-2 
Hitachi EX100M-3  Daewoo SOLAR 330LC-V  Komatsu PC60-7 
Kobelco SK200 MK III  Valmet 546  Hitachi EX270 
Daewoo SOLAR 300LL-V  Hitachi EX270LC  Caterpillar 320L 
Timberking TK721  Link-Belt LS-3400C II  Hyundai Robex 200W-2 
Hyundai Robex 200W-2  Caterpillar 375L  Komatsu PC200LC-6L 
Komatsu PC400LC-3  John Deere 790DLC  Caterpillar 330B 
Daewoo SOLAR 300LL-V  John Deere 550LC  Komatsu PC400LC-7L 
John Deere 1710D  Volvo EC140LC  Volvo EC140B 
Trans-Gesco TG88  John Deere 1410D  Caterpillar 308CCR 
John Deere 892E  Caterpillar 235D HTDR  Kobelco SK300LC MK III 
Hyundai Robex 210LC-3  John Deere 160CLC  Daewoo SOLAR 175LC-V 
John Deere 1410B  John Deere 200C  Valmet 860 
Caterpillar 330L  Direct FB257  John Deere 230C 
Kobelco SK250LC  Caterpillar 320L  Caterpillar 307 
John Deere 693B  Komatsu PC200LC-6L  Caterpillar 325BL 
John Deere 200C  Hitachi EX330LC-5  Komatsu PC120-3 
Tigercat 853E  Hitachi EX200-2  Caterpillar 320CL 
Komatsu PC400LC-8  John Deere 748GII  Prentice FB730 
Caterpillar 325L FB  Caterpillar 345BL  Direct H206 
Caterpillar 322L FM  John Deere 1410B  Valmet 921C 
Link-Belt LS-2800C  Timberjack 1010B  Komatsu PC200LC-7 
Ponsse ERGO  Valmet 901C  John Deere 240D 
Caterpillar 303.5CCR  Komatsu PC200LC-6 LE  Caterpillar 320L 
Caterpillar 320L  Caterpillar 320L (325L)  Hitachi EX200LC-5 
Timberjack 608S  Komatsu PC400LC-3  John Deere 653G 
Caterpillar 320B  Caterpillar 325BFM WC  Champion D686 
Caterpillar 936E  John Deere 160LC  John Deere 892E 
Caterpillar 235C TRENCHER  Caterpillar D3B  Rottne RAPID SMV 16 
John Deere 1410D  Komatsu PC150LC-6K  Tanguay TT8028 
Tanguay TT16030  Hitachi EX200LC  Kobelco SK200 SRLC 
Daewoo SOLAR 450 III  Kobelco SK200LC MK III  Takeuchi TB135 
Caterpillar 320C  Kobelco SK80CS-1E  Timberjack 1010B 
John Deere 135C RTS  John Deere 892D LC  Hitachi EX300LC-3 
Samsung SE210LC-2  Komatsu PC400LC-6 LK  Komatsu PC75UU-2 
John Deere 160LC  Hitachi EX200LC-3  Komatsu PC228USLC-3 
Direct FB307  Kobelco SK290LC-6E  Komatsu PC400LC-7L 
Komatsu PC300LC-7E0  Valmet 646  Valmet 860 
Komatsu PC200LC-5  Timberjack 950  John Deere 1710D 
Caterpillar 312BL  Logset 8F  Caterpillar 325BMH 
Caterpillar 140  Komatsu PC75UU-2  Komatsu WA450-1 
Samsung SE280LC-2  Kobelco SK250LC-6E  JLG 120 SXJ 
Timberjack 608SH  Kobelco SK220 MK III  Komatsu PC200LC-6L 
Caterpillar 325L  Caterpillar 311D LRR  John Deere 490E 
John Deere 790ELC  Caterpillar 320L  Ecolog 574B 
Link-Belt 210LX  JCB JS200L  John Deere 790ELC 
Samsung SE210LC-3  John Deere 690D  John Deere 748G 
Tigercat 860  Link-Belt LS-3400C II  Caterpillar 130G 
Timberjack 1110 DH  Koehring 618  Komatsu PC200LC-6 LE 
Caterpillar 320L  Tigercat 845 Dessous 853  John Deere 450LC 
Samsung SL250  Valmet 860  John Deere 250 
Caterpillar 345BL  Komatsu PC200LC-6L  Case 9030 
Caterpillar 322CFM  Samsung SE210LC-2  Samsung SE280LC-2 
Komatsu PC130-6  John Deere 790D  Caterpillar 320B FM LL 
Volvo L120  Kobelco SK220LC MK III  John Deere 693D 
Timberjack 850  Samsung SE210LC-2  Timberjack 1410 
Caterpillar 322L  Champion 750A  Caterpillar TK721 
Rottne Rapid 12T  Direct FB307  Daewoo SOLAR 220LC-V 
Komatsu PC220-3  Kobelco SK330 Acera  Koehring 628 
Champion 740A  Timbco 820E  Caterpillar 980 
Neuson 11002HV  Caterpillar 322L  Tigercat 845 
John Deere 790ELC  Komatsu PC220LC-3  Rottne Rapid 16T 
Kobelco SK290LC-6E  Komatsu WA470  Timberjack 230D 
GMC GMC  John Deere 6414  Western star Star 
Timberjack 850  Komatsu PC300LC-7  Takeuchi TB68 
John Deere 590D  Grove AMZ86XT  Rotobec Clam 
Drott 40BLC  Timberjack 608B  Timberjack 850 
John Deere 790D  Hyundai Robex 180 LC-3  John Deere 748GII 
Rottne Rapid RK60  Caterpillar 320L  Valmet 860 
Valmet 540T  Samsung SE280LC-2  John Deere 120 
Kubota KX-91  Timberking TK458  John Deere 710D 
Koehring 618  Caterpillar 4810  Tanguay WL350 
Caterpillar 950  Komatsu PC220LC-6L  Caterpillar 325L FM 
Case 680C  Tanguay TT16030  Hitachi ZX330 
Case 9050B  International TD15  Caterpillar 225B LC 
Kubota KH161-3  Komatsu PC200-5  Komatsu PC200LC-3 
Prentice 730  Samsung SE292LC  John Deere 1758 
John Deere 50  Case 455C  John Deere 200LC 
Komatsu PC200LC-6L  Timberjack 230  Kobelco 907 MK II 
John Deere 748E  John Deere 892DLC  Trans-Gesco TG88 
Hitachi EX270_853G  Volvo 4600  Timberjack 1410B 
Komatsu PC60-7  John Deere 790ELC  Samsung SE280LC-2 
Komatsu PC220LC-7  Valmet 500T  Caterpillar 225B LC 
Kobelco 235  Caterpillar 320C FM  Kobelco SK200LC MARK III 
Caterpillar 320L  Komatsu PC300HD-5K  Direct 207 
John Deere 690E  Ponsse Caribou 12Tonnes  John Deere 748E 
Bombardier Chenille  Hitachi EX200LC-3  Caterpillar 330L 
Tigercat 853  John Deere 644C  John Deere 420D 
Koehring 618  Case 888  Koehring 6644 
Hitachi EX200  Timbco 455  Caterpillar 215 
Timberjack 1410  Komatsu PC60-7  P&H H418HOE 
Caterpillar 322L  Case 9030  Komatsu PC200LC-5 
Kobelco ED150-IE  Samsung SE130LC-2  Timberjack 2618 
Kobelco SK220  Hyundai ROBEX 210LC3  Caterpillar EL300 
Timberjack 608  Landini 8860  Massey ferguson 240 
Kobelco SK200 MK III  Samsung 210LC  Fabtek 548B 
John Deere 1458  Valmet 860  Timbco T455 
Komatsu PC400LC-5  Turboforest TF605  Komatsu PC150LC-3 
Komatsu PC60-7 E  Kobelco SK120LC IV  Prentice FB630A 
Fabtek 548C  Pettibone Mulliken  Caterpillar 325L FB 
Komatsu PC300HD-5K  Daewoo SL280LCIII  Koehring 628 
John Deere 644D  Caterpillar 330L  Caterpillar 330LL 
Komatsu PC200LC-3  Terex 2306 TX51-19  Hitachi EX270  
Hitachi UH083LC  Caterpillar 320L  Tanguay DL221 
Hitachi EX200-2  John Deere 892E  Komatsu PC200LC-3 
John Deere 644E  Caterpillar 320B   John Deere 710B 
John Deere 410D  Tigercat 853E  John Deere 6400 
Caterpillar 320BL  John Deere 490E  Case W20B 
Caterpillar 325 FM L  Komatsu PC150LC-6  Timbco T455E 
Samsung SE210LC-3  John Deere 690E  Komatsu PC300LC-5 
Link-Belt 2800 Q1  Kubota KX161-2  Allis chalmer ACP80 L2PS 
Bomag K301  Hitachi EX200LC-3  John Deere 690E 
Franklin Q90M5  Daewoo MEGA300  Komatsu PC200LC-5 
John Deere 693D  Kobelco K909LC2  Valmet 901C 
John Deere 790DLC  Caterpillar 330CL FINAL DRIVE  Komatsu PC200LC-3 
Tanguay AC200-FB221  Rottne Rapid 6 wheels  Komatsu PC200LC-6 
Caterpillar 215B  Koehring 618  Tigercat 860 
Case 980B  Case 980B  Samsung SE350LC 
John Deere 270LC  Timberjack 2628  Samsung SE210LC  
Timberjack 850  Timberjack 608  Caterpillar E120B 
Caterpillar 225  Caterpillar 325L  Neuson 11002HV 
Caterpillar 320BL  Case 9030B  Timberjack 1210B 
1127 Principale, St-Prime, Qc, Canada, G8J1V2
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Fax: 1-418-251-1053
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