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Equipment specs

Equipment specs

Heavy Equipment specifications and reference

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Manufacturer: Komatsu
Model: PC360LC-10

KomatsuPC360LC-10UndercarriageGround Pressure8 psi
KomatsuPC360LC-10UndercarriageMax Travel Speed4 mph (6 kph)
KomatsuPC360LC-10UndercarriageShoe Size34 in (85 cm)
KomatsuPC360LC-10UndercarriageTrack Gauge9 ft (3 m)
KomatsuPC360LC-10Swing MechanismSwing Speed10 rpm
KomatsuPC360LC-10Operating SpecificationsFuel Capacity160 gal (605 l)
KomatsuPC360LC-10Operating SpecificationsHydraulic Pump Flow Capacity141 gal/min (535 l/min)
KomatsuPC360LC-10Operating SpecificationsHydraulic System Fluid Capacity50 gal (188 l)
KomatsuPC360LC-10Operating SpecificationsHydraulic System Relief Valve Pressure5,400 psi
KomatsuPC360LC-10Operating SpecificationsOperating Weight78,255 lbs (35,496 kg)
KomatsuPC360LC-10EngineDisplacement540 cu in (0 m)
KomatsuPC360LC-10EngineEngine ModelSAA6D114E-5
KomatsuPC360LC-10EngineNet Power271 hp (202 kw)
KomatsuPC360LC-10EnginePower Measured @1,950 rpm
KomatsuPC360LC-10DimensionsGround Clearance2 ft (1 m)
KomatsuPC360LC-10DimensionsHeight - Top of Cab10 ft (3 m)
KomatsuPC360LC-10DimensionsLength of Track on Ground13 ft (4 m)
KomatsuPC360LC-10DimensionsRemoval Counterweight Clearance4 ft (1 m)
KomatsuPC360LC-10DimensionsTail Swing Radius11 ft (3 m)
KomatsuPC360LC-10DimensionsWidth to Outside of Tracks11 ft (3 m)
KomatsuPC360LC-10BucketReference Bucket Capacity2 cu yds (1 m)
KomatsuPC360LC-10Boom/Stick Excavator Option 1Max Digging Depth24 ft (7 m)
KomatsuPC360LC-10Boom/Stick Excavator Option 1Max Reach Along Ground36 ft (11 m)
KomatsuPC360LC-10Boom/Stick Excavator Option 1Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth21 ft (6 m)
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