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Equipment specs

Equipment specs

Heavy Equipment specifications and reference

Use this heavy equipment encyclopedia to get detailed information on almost every heavy equipment model on the market.
Manufacturer: Caterpillar
Model: 980K

Caterpillar980KWeightsOperating Weight68,862 lbs (31,236 kg)
Caterpillar980KTransmissionMax Speed - Forward23 mph (36 kph)
Caterpillar980KTransmissionMax Speed - Reverse26 mph (42 kph)
Caterpillar980KTransmissionNumber of Forward Gears4
Caterpillar980KTransmissionNumber of Reverse Gears4
Caterpillar980KTransmissionTransmission TypePowershift
Caterpillar980KTiresNote (1)Caterpillar recommends that you consult a tire supplier to evaluate all conditions before selecting a tire model.
Caterpillar980KTiresNote (2)Other special tires are available on request.
Caterpillar980KTiresNote (3)In certain applications, the loaders productive capabilities might exceed the tires tonnes-km/h (ton-mph) capabilities.
Caterpillar980KService Refill CapacitiesCooling System17 gal (63 l)
Caterpillar980KService Refill CapacitiesCrankcase10 gal (37 l)
Caterpillar980KService Refill CapacitiesDifferential - Final Drives - Front22 gal (84 l)
Caterpillar980KService Refill CapacitiesDifferential - Final Drives - Rear22 gal (84 l)
Caterpillar980KService Refill CapacitiesFuel Tank - Standard118 gal (447 l)
Caterpillar980KService Refill CapacitiesHydraulic Tank45 gal (170 l)
Caterpillar980KService Refill CapacitiesTransmission17 gal (66 l)
Caterpillar980KOperating Specifications2424 V V
Caterpillar980KOperating Specifications8080 A
Caterpillar980KOperating SpecificationsBreakout Force53,548 lbs (24,289 kg)
Caterpillar980KOperating SpecificationsCooling System Fluid Capacity22 gal (83 l)
Caterpillar980KOperating SpecificationsEngine Oil Fluid Capacity10 gal (38 l)
Caterpillar980KOperating SpecificationsFront Axle/Diff Fluid Capacity23 gal (87 l)
Caterpillar980KOperating SpecificationsFuel Capacity127 gal (481 l)
Caterpillar980KOperating SpecificationsHydraulic System Fluid Capacity66 gal (250 l)
Caterpillar980KOperating SpecificationsOperating Weight66,489 lbs (30,159 kg)
Caterpillar980KOperating SpecificationsRear Axle Oscillation26 °
Caterpillar980KOperating SpecificationsRear Axle/Diff Fluid Capacity23 gal (87 l)
Caterpillar980KOperating SpecificationsStatic Tipping Weight50,201 lbs (22,771 kg)
Caterpillar980KOperating SpecificationsTire Size29.5-25
Caterpillar980KOperating SpecificationsTransmission Fluid Capacity16 gal (61 l)
Caterpillar980KOperating SpecificationsTurning Radius26 ft (8 m)
Caterpillar980KHydraulic SystemDump Time2 sec
Caterpillar980KHydraulic SystemHydraulic Cycle Time - Dump, at Maximum Raise2 sec
Caterpillar980KHydraulic SystemHydraulic Cycle Time - Lower, Empty, Float Down3 sec
Caterpillar980KHydraulic SystemHydraulic Cycle Time - Raise from Carry Position6 sec
Caterpillar980KHydraulic SystemHydraulic Cycle Time - Total11 sec
Caterpillar980KHydraulic SystemImplement System - Maximum Operating Pressure4,496 psi
Caterpillar980KHydraulic SystemImplement System - Optional 3rd Function Maximum Flow79 gal/min (300 l/min)
Caterpillar980KHydraulic SystemImplement System - Optional 3rd Function Maximum Pressure3,000 psi
Caterpillar980KHydraulic SystemLower Time3 sec
Caterpillar980KHydraulic SystemPump Flow Capacity123 gal/min (466 l/min)
Caterpillar980KHydraulic SystemPump TypeGear
Caterpillar980KHydraulic SystemRaise Time6 sec
Caterpillar980KHydraulic SystemRelief Valve Setting3,000 psi
Caterpillar980KHydraulic SystemSteering System - Pump TypePiston
Caterpillar980KEngineBore5 in (13 cm)
Caterpillar980KEngineDisplacement763 cu in (0 m)
Caterpillar980KEngineEngine ModelCat C13 ACERT
Caterpillar980KEngineGross Power355 hp (265 kw)
Caterpillar980KEngineMaximum Gross Power - ISO 14396402 hp (300 kw)
Caterpillar980KEngineMaximum Net Power - 1,800 rpm - EEC 80/1269369 hp (275 kw)
Caterpillar980KEngineMaximum Net Power - 1,800 rpm - EEC 80/1269 - Metric373 hp (278 kw)
Caterpillar980KEngineNet Power369 hp (275 kw)
Caterpillar980KEngineNet Power - ISO 9249369 hp (275 kw)
Caterpillar980KEngineNumber of Cylinders6
Caterpillar980KEnginePower Measured @1,800 rpm
Caterpillar980KEngineStroke6 in (16 cm)
Caterpillar980KDimensionsGround Clearance2 ft (0 m)
Caterpillar980KDimensionsHeight - Top of Cab12 ft (4 m)
Caterpillar980KDimensionsHinge Pin - Max Height15 ft (5 m)
Caterpillar980KDimensionsLength with Bucket on Ground31 ft (9 m)
Caterpillar980KDimensionsReach at Max Lift and Dump5 ft (2 m)
Caterpillar980KDimensionsWheelbase12 ft (4 m)
Caterpillar980KDimensionsWidth Over Tires11 ft (3 m)
Caterpillar980KCabROPS/FOPSMeets SAE and ISO standards
Caterpillar980KBucketBreakout Force61,425 lbs (27,862 kg)
Caterpillar980KBucketBucket Capacities5 - 16 cu yds (4 - 12 m)
Caterpillar980KBucketBucket Capacity - heaped6 cu yds (4 m)
Caterpillar980KBucketBucket Capacity - struck5 cu yds (4 m)
Caterpillar980KBucketBucket Width12 ft (4 m)
Caterpillar980KBucketDump Clearance at Max Raise11 ft (3 m)
Caterpillar980KBrakesBrakesMeet OSHA, SAE J1473 OCT90 and ISO 3450-1985 required standards
Caterpillar980KAxlesMaximum Single-Wheel Rise and Fall22 in (55 cm)
Caterpillar980KAxlesRearOscillating ?13 °
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