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Equipment specs

Equipment specs

Heavy Equipment specifications and reference

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Manufacturer: Caterpillar
Model: 988G

Caterpillar988GTransmissionForward - 14 mph (7 kph)
Caterpillar988GTransmissionForward - 28 mph (12 kph)
Caterpillar988GTransmissionForward - 314 mph (22 kph)
Caterpillar988GTransmissionForward - 424 mph (39 kph)
Caterpillar988GTransmissionMax Speed - Forward35 mph (57 kph)
Caterpillar988GTransmissionMax Speed - Reverse24 mph (38 kph)
Caterpillar988GTransmissionNumber of Forward Gears4
Caterpillar988GTransmissionNumber of Reverse Gears3
Caterpillar988GTransmissionReverse - 15 mph (8 kph)
Caterpillar988GTransmissionReverse - 29 mph (14 kph)
Caterpillar988GTransmissionReverse - 316 mph (25 kph)
Caterpillar988GTransmissionTransmission TypePowershift - Planetary
Caterpillar988GSteering SystemMinimum Turning Radius - Over Bucket341 in (867 cm)
Caterpillar988GService Refill CapacitiesCooling System27 gal (103 l)
Caterpillar988GService Refill CapacitiesCrankcase16 gal (60 l)
Caterpillar988GService Refill CapacitiesDifferential - Final Drives - Front49 gal (186 l)
Caterpillar988GService Refill CapacitiesDifferential - Final Drives - Rear49 gal (186 l)
Caterpillar988GService Refill CapacitiesFuel Tank179 gal (679 l)
Caterpillar988GService Refill CapacitiesHydraulic System - Tank Only71 gal (267 l)
Caterpillar988GService Refill CapacitiesTransmission19 gal (70 l)
Caterpillar988GOperating SpecificationsArticulation Angle43 °
Caterpillar988GOperating SpecificationsBreakout Force123,300 lbs (55,929 kg)
Caterpillar988GOperating SpecificationsCooling System Fluid Capacity27 gal (103 l)
Caterpillar988GOperating SpecificationsDump Clearance14 ft (4 m)
Caterpillar988GOperating SpecificationsFront Axle/Diff Fluid Capacity49 gal (186 l)
Caterpillar988GOperating SpecificationsFuel Capacity179 gal (679 l)
Caterpillar988GOperating SpecificationsHydraulic System Fluid Capacity124 gal (470 l)
Caterpillar988GOperating SpecificationsOperating Weight110,635 lbs (50,184 kg)
Caterpillar988GOperating SpecificationsRear Axle/Diff Fluid Capacity49 gal (186 l)
Caterpillar988GOperating SpecificationsStatic Tipping Load - Full Turn60,386 lbs (27,391 kg)
Caterpillar988GOperating SpecificationsTransmission Fluid Capacity19 gal (70 l)
Caterpillar988GHydraulic SystemDump Time2 sec
Caterpillar988GHydraulic SystemLower Time4 sec
Caterpillar988GHydraulic SystemRaise Time9 sec
Caterpillar988GHydraulic Cycle TimesDump2 sec
Caterpillar988GHydraulic Cycle TimesRaise9 sec
Caterpillar988GHydraulic Cycle TimesTotal Hydraulic Cycle Time16 sec
Caterpillar988GEngineBore6 in (14 cm)
Caterpillar988GEngineDisplacement964 cu in (0 m)
Caterpillar988GEngineEngine MakeCaterpillar
Caterpillar988GEngineEngine ModelCat 3456 EUI
Caterpillar988GEngineGross Power520 hp (388 kw)
Caterpillar988GEngineNet Power475 hp (354 kw)
Caterpillar988GEngineStroke7 in (17 cm)
Caterpillar988GDimensionsGround Clearance2 ft (1 m)
Caterpillar988GDimensionsHeight - Top of Cab14 ft (4 m)
Caterpillar988GDimensionsHinge Pin - Max Height19 ft (6 m)
Caterpillar988GDimensionsHinge Pin Height at Full Lift19 ft (6 m)
Caterpillar988GDimensionsLength with Bucket on Ground40 ft (12 m)
Caterpillar988GDimensionsOverall Length42 ft (13 m)
Caterpillar988GDimensionsReach at Max Lift and Dump6 ft (2 m)
Caterpillar988GDimensionsReach at Maximum Lift/Dump7 ft (2 m)
Caterpillar988GDimensionsWheel Base Length15 ft (5 m)
Caterpillar988GDimensionsWheelbase15 ft (5 m)
Caterpillar988GBucketBreakout Force115,867 lbs (52,557 kg)
Caterpillar988GBucketBucket Capacity - heaped8 cu yds (6 m)
Caterpillar988GBucketBucket Capacity - struck11 cu yds (8 m)
Caterpillar988GBucketBucket Width13 ft (4 m)
Caterpillar988GBucketDigging depth1 ft (0 m)
Caterpillar988GBucketDump Clearance at Max Raise14 ft (4 m)
Caterpillar988GBucketMaximum Bucket Capacity9 cu yds (7 m)
Caterpillar988GAxlesMaximum Single-Wheel Rise and Fall22 in (57 cm)
Caterpillar988GAxlesOscillation Angle13 °
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