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Equipment specs

Equipment specs

Heavy Equipment specifications and reference

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Manufacturer: Komatsu
Model: WA200-5

KomatsuWA200-5TransmissionMax Speed - Forward22 mph (35 kph)
KomatsuWA200-5TransmissionNumber of Forward Gears4
KomatsuWA200-5TransmissionNumber of Reverse Gears4
KomatsuWA200-5TransmissionTransmission TypeHydrostatic
KomatsuWA200-5Operating SpecificationsCooling System Fluid Capacity5 gal (17 l)
KomatsuWA200-5Operating SpecificationsEngine Oil Fluid Capacity5 gal (20 l)
KomatsuWA200-5Operating SpecificationsFront Axle/Diff Fluid Capacity5 gal (18 l)
KomatsuWA200-5Operating SpecificationsFuel Capacity46 gal (175 l)
KomatsuWA200-5Operating SpecificationsHydraulic System Fluid Capacity15 gal (58 l)
KomatsuWA200-5Operating SpecificationsOperating Weight20,878 lbs (9,470 kg)
KomatsuWA200-5Operating SpecificationsRear Axle Oscillation24 °
KomatsuWA200-5Operating SpecificationsRear Axle/Diff Fluid Capacity5 gal (18 l)
KomatsuWA200-5Operating SpecificationsTire Size17.5-25-12PR (L2)
KomatsuWA200-5Operating SpecificationsTransmission Fluid Capacity2 gal (6 l)
KomatsuWA200-5Hydraulic SystemDump Time1 sec
KomatsuWA200-5Hydraulic SystemLower Time4 sec
KomatsuWA200-5Hydraulic SystemRaise Time6 sec
KomatsuWA200-5EngineBore4 in (10 cm)
KomatsuWA200-5EngineDisplacement359 cu in (0 m)
KomatsuWA200-5EngineEmissions CertificationEPA Tier 2
KomatsuWA200-5EngineEngine ModelSAA6D102E-2
KomatsuWA200-5EngineGross Power127 hp (95 kw)
KomatsuWA200-5EngineNet Power123 hp (92 kw)
KomatsuWA200-5EngineNumber of Cylinders6
KomatsuWA200-5EnginePower Measured @2,000 rpm
KomatsuWA200-5EngineStroke5 in (12 cm)
KomatsuWA200-5DimensionsGround Clearance1 ft (0 m)
KomatsuWA200-5DimensionsHeight - Top of Cab10 ft (3 m)
KomatsuWA200-5DimensionsHinge Pin - Max Height12 ft (4 m)
KomatsuWA200-5DimensionsLength with Bucket on Ground23 ft (7 m)
KomatsuWA200-5DimensionsReach at Max Lift and Dump3 ft (1 m)
KomatsuWA200-5DimensionsWheelbase9 ft (3 m)
KomatsuWA200-5DimensionsWidth Over Tires8 ft (2 m)
KomatsuWA200-5BucketBreakout Force20,944 lbs (9,500 kg)
KomatsuWA200-5BucketBucket Capacity - heaped3 cu yds (2 m)
KomatsuWA200-5BucketBucket Capacity - struck2 cu yds (2 m)
KomatsuWA200-5BucketBucket Width8 ft (3 m)
KomatsuWA200-5BucketDump Clearance at Max Raise9 ft (3 m)
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