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Equipment specs

Equipment specs

Heavy Equipment specifications and reference

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Manufacturer: Volvo
Model: G740B

VolvoG740BTransmissionMax Speed - Forward27 mph (44 kph)
VolvoG740BTransmissionMax Speed - Reverse20 mph (31 kph)
VolvoG740BTransmissionNumber of Gears - Forward8
VolvoG740BTransmissionNumber of Gears - Reverse4
VolvoG740BTransmissionTransmission TypePowershift
VolvoG740BSteering SystemArticulation Angle22 °
VolvoG740BOperating Specifications2424 V V
VolvoG740BOperating Specifications7575 A
VolvoG740BOperating SpecificationsCooling System Fluid Capacity13 gal (50 l)
VolvoG740BOperating SpecificationsFuel Capacity120 gal (454 l)
VolvoG740BOperating SpecificationsHydraulic System Fluid Capacity35 gal (134 l)
VolvoG740BOperating SpecificationsRear Diff/Final Drive Fluid Capacity6 gal (23 l)
VolvoG740BOperating SpecificationsStd Operation Weight - Front Axle11,138 lbs (5,052 kg)
VolvoG740BOperating SpecificationsStd Operation Weight - Rear Axle25,988 lbs (11,788 kg)
VolvoG740BOperating SpecificationsStd Operation Weight - Total37,126 lbs (16,840 kg)
VolvoG740BOperating SpecificationsTandem Case Fluid Capacity (each)27 gal (100 l)
VolvoG740BOperating SpecificationsTire Size14.00 x 24, G-2
VolvoG740BOperating SpecificationsTransmission Fluid Capacity10 gal (38 l)
VolvoG740BMoldboardBlade Down Pressure19,711 lbs (8,941 kg)
VolvoG740BMoldboardBlade Pull at Max Weight22,089 lbs (10,020 kg)
VolvoG740BMoldboardMax Depth of Cut32 in (81 cm)
VolvoG740BMoldboardMoldboard Height29 in (74 cm)
VolvoG740BMoldboardMoldboard Thickness1 in (3 cm)
VolvoG740BMoldboardMoldboard Width12 ft (4 m)
VolvoG740BMoldboardSide Shift Left27 in (67 cm)
VolvoG740BMoldboardSide Shift Right27 in (67 cm)
VolvoG740BHydraulic SystemPump Flow75 gal/min (284 l/min)
VolvoG740BHydraulic SystemPump Typeload sensing hydraulic
VolvoG740BHydraulic SystemRelief Valve Pressure2,700 psi
VolvoG740BFront AxleGround Clearance2 ft (1 m)
VolvoG740BFront AxleOscillation - Total16 °
VolvoG740BFront AxleWheel Lean18 °
VolvoG740BEngineDisplacement586 cu in (0 m)
VolvoG740BEngineEngine ModelD10BGAE2
VolvoG740BEngineMax Power243 hp (181 kw)
VolvoG740BEngineNet Power Gears 7-8243 hp (181 kw)
VolvoG740BEngineNet Torque Gears 7-8846 lbs/ft
VolvoG740BEngineNumber of Cylinders6
VolvoG740BEnginePower Measured @2,200 rpm
VolvoG740BEngineTorque Measured @1,100 rpm
VolvoG740BDimensionsBlade Base9 ft (3 m)
VolvoG740BDimensionsHeight to Top of Isomount Cab10 ft (3 m)
VolvoG740BDimensionsOverall Length30 ft (9 m)
VolvoG740BDimensionsWheelbase21 ft (6 m)
VolvoG740BDimensionsWidth Over Tires8 ft (3 m)
VolvoG740BCircleBlade Tip Angle - Front44 °
VolvoG740BCircleBlade Tip Angle - Rear6.5 °
VolvoG740BCircleDiameter66 in (168 cm)
VolvoG740BCircleMax Lift Above Ground17 in (44 cm)
VolvoG740BCircleMax Reach Outside Tires - Left80 in (202 cm)
VolvoG740BCircleMax Reach Outside Tires - Right79 in (201 cm)
VolvoG740BCircleRotation360 °
VolvoG740BCircleShift Left31 in (77 cm)
VolvoG740BCircleShift Right30 in (75 cm)
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