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Equipment specs

Equipment specs

Heavy Equipment specifications and reference

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Manufacturer: Volvo
Model: G946

VolvoG946TransmissionMax Speed - Forward28 mph (46 kph)
VolvoG946TransmissionMax Speed - Reverse20 mph (32 kph)
VolvoG946TransmissionNumber of Gears - Forward8
VolvoG946TransmissionNumber of Gears - Reverse4
VolvoG946TransmissionTransmission TypeHTE 840, Fully sequential, direct drive, Volvo powershift transmission
VolvoG946Steering SystemArticulation Angle23 °
VolvoG946Steering SystemTurning Radius24 ft (7 m)
VolvoG946Operating Specifications2424 V V
VolvoG946Operating Specifications8080 A
VolvoG946Operating SpecificationsCooling System Fluid Capacity9 gal (34 l)
VolvoG946Operating SpecificationsFuel Capacity107 gal (405 l)
VolvoG946Operating SpecificationsHydraulic System Fluid Capacity38 gal (144 l)
VolvoG946Operating SpecificationsMax Operation Weight - Front Axle16,700 lbs (7,575 kg)
VolvoG946Operating SpecificationsMax Operation Weight - Rear Axle31,400 lbs (14,243 kg)
VolvoG946Operating SpecificationsMax Operation Weight - Total48,000 lbs (21,773 kg)
VolvoG946Operating SpecificationsOil System Fluid Capacity6 gal (22 l)
VolvoG946Operating SpecificationsStd Operation Weight - Front Axle11,020 lbs (4,999 kg)
VolvoG946Operating SpecificationsStd Operation Weight - Rear Axle27,120 lbs (12,302 kg)
VolvoG946Operating SpecificationsStd Operation Weight - Total38,140 lbs (17,300 kg)
VolvoG946Operating SpecificationsTandem Case Fluid Capacity (each)26 gal (100 l)
VolvoG946Operating SpecificationsTire Size14:00 x 24, G-2
VolvoG946Operating SpecificationsTransmission Fluid Capacity16 gal (61 l)
VolvoG946MoldboardBlade Down Pressure19,035 lbs (8,634 kg)
VolvoG946MoldboardBlade Pull at Max Weight36,760 lbs (16,674 kg)
VolvoG946MoldboardMax Depth of Cut31 in (79 cm)
VolvoG946MoldboardMoldboard Height25 in (64 cm)
VolvoG946MoldboardMoldboard Thickness1 in (2 cm)
VolvoG946MoldboardMoldboard Width12 ft (4 m)
VolvoG946MoldboardSide Shift Left27 in (67 cm)
VolvoG946MoldboardSide Shift Right27 in (67 cm)
VolvoG946Hydraulic SystemPump Flow55 gal/min (208 l/min)
VolvoG946Hydraulic SystemPump TypeAxial piston pump
VolvoG946Hydraulic SystemRelief Valve Pressure3,000 psi
VolvoG946Front AxleGround Clearance2 ft (1 m)
VolvoG946Front AxleOscillation - Total16 °
VolvoG946Front AxleWheel Lean18 °
VolvoG946EngineAspirationTurbocharged, Aftercooled
VolvoG946EngineDisplacement436 cu in (0 m)
VolvoG946EngineEngine ModelD7E
VolvoG946EngineMax Power225 hp (168 kw)
VolvoG946EngineNet Power Gears 7-8225 hp (168 kw)
VolvoG946EngineNet Torque Gears 7-8754 lbs/ft
VolvoG946EngineNumber of Cylinders6
VolvoG946EnginePower Measured @1,800 rpm
VolvoG946EngineTorque Measured @1,500 rpm
VolvoG946DimensionsBlade Base9 ft (3 m)
VolvoG946DimensionsFront Ground Clearance2 ft (1 m)
VolvoG946DimensionsHeight to Top of Isomount Cab11 ft (3 m)
VolvoG946DimensionsOverall Length30 ft (9 m)
VolvoG946DimensionsWheelbase21 ft (6 m)
VolvoG946DimensionsWidth Over Tires8 ft (3 m)
VolvoG946CircleBlade Tip Angle - Front45 °
VolvoG946CircleBlade Tip Angle - Rear6 °
VolvoG946CircleDiameter64 in (163 cm)
VolvoG946CircleMax Reach Outside Tires - Left80 in (203 cm)
VolvoG946CircleMax Reach Outside Tires - Right79 in (201 cm)
VolvoG946CircleRotation360 °
VolvoG946CircleShift Left31 in (77 cm)
VolvoG946CircleShift Right30 in (75 cm)
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